About Us

ESLA Land Developers, Inc. has been in the real estate business for almost 40 years. A developer and
a builder of high value community such as Green Valley Townhouses and Executive Homes in Valle
Verde I, Pasig City, Green Valley Village in Baguio City and Urban Homes in Cainta, Rizal. Thru the
years, ESLA Land Developers, Inc. has built condominium units, townhouses and duplex houses in
Metro Manila as well as in Baguio City. Two years ago, ESLA opened the Gardenville Hotel to serve
more tourist and local residents of Baguio City.

Garden Square is the first mixed-used condominium development of ESLA Land Developers Inc. in
Baguio. It combined both residential and commercial units where people can live and work at the
same time. The ground and second floor will be available for commercial, ideal for clinics,
laboratories, homecare and professional offices for doctors, lawyers, accountants and others. The
third, fourth, fifth and sixth floors are available for residential. All have its own balcony to enjoy the
cool, clean and fresh view of Baguio from Green Valley Village.

Valle View is the first condominium development of ESLA Land Developers, Inc. in Pasig City. It is located near the Ortigas Business District. This eight-level building, including the roof deck, promotes an advantage in view, location, accessibility and security. Provides double security of having 24-hour guarding from the village gate and the property gate and exclusivity with only thirty- six (36) residential units.

Today, ESLA Land Developers, Inc. continues to work hard to provide more quality homes for people with discriminating taste and to help them build their Dream Home.


To develop and build high quality community. Provide quality homes to the people by constructing houses and condominium buildings with innovative functional design and convenience that last for generations.

To improve the quality of life of many Filipinos thru our products and services.

To build our customer’s dream home with pride of ownership


To be one of the leading real estate developer in the Philippines and to be a strong partner in building the community and the nation without harming the environment.